Business Areas
Lezíria Bridge - Design, Project and Construction of Tagus Bridge at Carregado
Construction and Engineering

MSF Engenharia, S.A. (MSF Engenharia) has operated in the civil construction and public works sector since it was founded in 1969, participating in a wide variety of diverse construction sectors and other specialty areas, including the construction of dams, tunnels, irrigation networks, conduits and canals, maritime works, roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, airports, urban infrastructures, industrial constructions, and the construction and refurbishment rehabilitation of buildings. Throughout more than 40 years of activity, MSF Engenharia has been at the forefront of large scale engineering projects of great technical complexity and has made an unquestionable contribution to the modernization of Portugal and the different Countries in which it operates and, particularly, in the improvement of the quality of life of the populations that have benefited from these works. This company operates as a sub-holding, centralizing the Group’s interests within the construction sector.


Group activities within this particular business area also include Neocivil - Construções do Algarve, S.A. (Neocivil), a company focusing its activities on the Public and Private Construction Work sectors. Founded in 1971, Neocivil has been part of the MSF Group since 1981. With proven ability in the construction industry, Neocivil has a solid structure, consisting of qualified technicians and a very experienced management board, achieving these qualities throughout the course of highly prestigious projects. Neocivil has developed its own highly advanced expertise based on the most modern forms of production technology, enabling the company to participate in the most complex of civil construction works across a wide range of activities such as repair and refurbishment of buildings, housing and services construction, general infrastructures and tourist complex construction, and real estate promotion.


Indubel - Indústrias de Betão, S.A. (Indubel), currently 89,5% owned by MSF Engenharia, has been part of MSF Group since 2007. The company operates in the pre-manufacturing industry (manufacturing and assembly of the constituting elements of concrete and other construction products), in addition to pre-stress and special foundations. Indubel invests in research, products and Engineering solutions development. After a successful increase in capital, Indubel was then able to invest in equipment and expand into different markets. The company has already initiated international activity, in partnership with MSF, for projects in Angola.


The Group also has branch offices in Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Kazahkstan, Mozambique, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Senegal and Sierra Leone, fulfilling company duties through subsidiaries based in Angola (MSF Engenharia Angola, Lda.), Bulgaria (MSF Bulgaria – OOD), Cape Verde (MSF Cabo Verde, S.A.), Moldavia (MSF Ingeniere & Constructii) Poland (MSF Polska Sp. Z o.o.) and Qatar (MSF Construction Qatar).