Press Room

The “EN3-SA-01, Ribeira da Torre Valley Intersecting Motorway” was opened on 25th February 2012 on the Island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde at a ceremony officiated by the Prime Minister and Minister for Administrative Reform, José Maria Neves, counting on the presence of the Minister of Infrastructures and Maritime Economy, José Maria Veiga, the Minister of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning, Sara Lopes Duarte, the Minister of Rural Development, Eva Verona Teixeira Ortet, The Mayor of the city of Ribeira Grande, Orlando Delgado, the Mayor of the municipality of Paúl, Vera Almeida and the Mayor of the city of Porto Novo, Amadeu Cruz.


The construction work for this walled road of approximately 6 km in length was originally awarded to MSF Engenharia as a design/building project, over a total period of 30 months at an investment of 10 million Euros, jointly financed by the Cape Verde and Portuguese Governments.


According to the Prime Minister, José Maria Neves, the opening of this infrastructure project is representative of the hopes of the people of Cape Verde: “The people of Cape Verde are hugely enthusiastic about development. It is this enthusiasm that propels development forward in our country. The construction of this road is of huge significance to valley and island life, creating new opportunities for future growth and helping the region to become more competitive”.


According to Ribeira Grande Councillor, Orlando Delgado, construction of this infrastructure “is the culmination of ancestral and government dreams in opening up new horizons for the future of new generations”.