Press Room


Indubel is in the final completion phase of the contract for the manufacture, transportation and assembly of façade units for the new Vila Franca de Xira Hospital, guaranteed through the NH Xira joint venture, of which MSF Engenharia is a part. With the final assembly having completed in September, waterproofing and finishing off work is also expected for completion by the end of October 2012. The contract, valued at a total of 664 thousand Euros, consists of 811 pre-fabricated reinforced concrete panels of 0.15 metres in thickness with a total area of about 6600 m2.
Indubel also concluded work for MSF Engenharia for the supply and erection of beams and pre-slabs for the Valadares Overpass, part of the Baixo Tejo Subconcession, in July this year. The contract, valued at 765 thousand Euros, includes the supply of 66 Indubel pre-fabricated, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed beams of 1.30 and 1.50 metres in height, at a total length of 1612 linear metres, in addition to 6930 m2 of ribbed pre-slabs.
During the month of August, the completions of works were also carried out, of the contract with the company Ramos Catarino, for the construction of the junction toll plaza leading to the North Lisbon Logistical Platform (PLLN). This contract included the supply and assembly of the entire structure of the toll plaza, at a total value of 319 thousand Euros, including construction of an overpass walkway for pedestrians. 
From an international perspective, Indubel concluded a contract for MSF Engenharia in Ghana in July 2012, driving of pile foundations for two buildings being part of the “La Beach Towers Project”, promoted by the client, M. Barbisotti & Sons Limited. The contract was valued at a total of 1.07 million Euros, consists of driving into place 411 piles with 600 mm in diameter, summing a total length of 6,110.90 linear metres.