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CDP-SI is among Microsoft’s first group of worldwide partners, launching two applications on Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 on the ‘Windows Store’, launched globally on 26th October 2012.
This platform has a completely different profile to its predecessors, with the inclusion of an interface specifically designed for touch screens. The versatility of Windows 8 is designed for complete mobility, whether used on a standard desktop computer, laptop or tablet, either with or without ‘cloud’ technology, including resource to an extensive online applications store. All of the features offered by these devices open up a brand new world of opportunities waiting to be explored at accessible prices. 
The Windows Store has a range of new solutions for marketing products and services on mobile platforms, making the most of the specific advantages of the Windows 8 operating system, with CDP-SI now having practical experience in developing applications for this environment. 
In its first set of projects, CDP-SI developed a special application for Marina de Lagos, illustrating the company’s ranges of services, activities and Marina events, complemented by news and geo-referenced location data. For the Caia brand, CDP-SI designed a new type of store concept, enhancing product marketing and international access.
By developing applications for the Window 8 environment, CDP-SI has reinforced its partnership with Microsoft, as well as providing its customers with a new range of services, aiming to expand its development of mobile and touch screen solutions at an exponential rate over the next few years.