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In Qatar, the Public Works Authority – Ashghal awarded a contract to the consortium in which MSF holds a stake of 50% for the construction of roads and infrastructures in the industrial area of Doha, of an approximate value of 280 million euros.

The principal objective of the work is the rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing roads and infrastructures, contributing decisively to the modernisation of the Industrial Area.

The main works include 38 km of roads, including earthworks, execution of a drainage layer to lower the groundwater level, removal of the existing paving and construction of the new paving structure, horizontal and vertical traffic signs, traffic lights and safety barriers; general cleaning of the area including the removal of abandoned vehicles and contaminated materials; assembly of 520 km of pipeline in trenches for domestic sewerage and stormwater drain infrastructures; drinking water distribution pipelines and telecommunications; installation of 96 km of electric cables in ditches for road signs and electricity infrastructures; traffic management and stakeholders management; landscaping and urban furniture work; removal and construction of reinforced concrete walls along approximately 52 km; execution of a Micro Tunnel of a length of  5,200 metres, diameters of 1.60 m (1,575 m), 2.4 m (1,425 m) and 3.0 m (2,200 m); drilling of 3 absorbing wells of 400 m and 1 well of 50 m of depth; and construction of a catchment lagoon, with an area of 60,000 m2.

The duration of this work will be 30 months.